Fox Theatre exterior and interior

My photographing style is quite premeditated. While many use the spontaneous and user-friendly Holga, my heavy Mamiya has been one of my go-to cameras. So the Diana Baby 110 was the first plastic camera I ever used!

Originally, I wanted to take advantage of its size and flexibility, with regards to perspective. I even fancied never looking into the viewfinder for the roll of 24 shots. (Not too long ago, the hubby and I watched a documentary on the Japanese street photographer Daido Moriyama, who stealthily took photos with his camera by his body.) But alas, I could not break myself from the habit of composing the frame.

110 Chris

My shots fell into two categories: crisp shots taken outside or hazy long exposures indoors. The only 110 film currently manufactured has a slow ISO of 100. In darker situations, I relied on a light meter app on my smartphone for the exposure time estimate. Despite the 110 film having itty-bitty dimensions, the resolution quality when enlarged on my computer screen was not as poor as I expected.